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Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie Review - Sex and the City 2

I really wanted to like this movie. I had heard a review by Richard Roeper - usually I don't like to hear a review before I go, but this was somewhat accidental and once it started, my curiosity was piqued. Mr. Roeper hated the movie. But how many guys like any of the Sex and the City (SATC) shows? Even less, how many admit to liking Sex and the City. Now that I've seen the movie, though, he did make a few valid points.

Sex AND THE CITY. Just as Abu Dhabi was played by Morocco, New York might as well have been played by a very small town somewhere not in New York. When I think of New York and the TV series SATC, I think sophistication, fun, excitement, smart. Sadly, all those things were missing along with THE CITY.

Have you heard the story line yet? I don't think I'm giving too much away - the trailers tell the basic story. The four friends are offered an all-expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi, where Samantha is being considered for the job of publicizing the "New Middle East". Much, much, too much of the movie happens in Abu Dhabi (although filmed in Morocco). I missed New York. I loved seeing glimpses of New York life. In today's economic crisis, the excess of the $22,000 a night hotel seemed sad and wrong. The idea of sitting in the dessert, with servants feeding me fruit, isn't appealing, it's well, silly. At one point, Carrie is completely shocked that a pair of shoes could cost *gasp* only $20. Oh, wait, not even, her twenty dollars bought eyeliner AND a pair of shoes. I think the Carrie I loved in the TV series would have known, even though she would not have worn them!

I have one question, if you go see the movie let me know what you think? When the women arrive, they are EACH given their own car and in the $22,000 a night suite - they have their own kitchen, their own bar etc., - they also EACH have their own butler, but they don't get their own bedrooms. They have to double up, as Carrie lies listening to Miranda snoring. Huh? Oh, one more, is it just me or is it painful watching Liza Minnelli?

There were a few glimpses of the SATC characters we knew and loved. The stories we knew and loved. But they were only glimpses.

I reviewed the soundtrack from the movie based on clips and I'm giving away the CD I was sent. I loved the music in the movie! Check out the details here and enter to win! The Cyndi Lauper song, True Colors, was my favorite - beautiful.

My advice? Grab your girlfriends, glam up and go. I'm glad I didn't miss it. Just dial down your expectations, it's not going to be anywhere near your favorite episode of the old SATC. It can still be fun, oh seeing Charlotte drunk is SO fun, but you will leave feeling like Samantha-without-her hormones, unsatisfied, and wanting to feel more.


  1. I have only watch a few seasons of the show but have now seen both movies... I am with you..just "eh"...but I did like seeing Carrie with Big..etc etc... I would give it a 2/5 stars, but 4/5 to be with my daughter while seeing it...

  2. I did not care for it. Read my review here:

  3. nice, i've been waiting for someone to post a SATC2 review =) darned that Abu Dhabi actor, lol! I think I'll wait till it's on DVD, sounds like a stay in on a rainy day kinda movie!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog Kelly. My review of the movie was difficult to write. I so wanted to like the movie and was so excited by the PR that it was difficult to write how not good it was - and to be one of first reviewers to say so. I am so glad you wrote your review. Keep up the great work.

  5. I totally agree with your review. I went in expecting classic SATC and got the total opposite. I was laughing and crying though the whole first movie and this one was just blah.

  6. You reflected much of what I felt! My girlfriend and I had fun but I, too, missed New York. As a mom, however, I loved the scenes with Charlotte. It was the most human she has been allowed to be in a long while. The first movie was SOOOO good that it was a little disappointing but I am glad that I went!


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