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Friday, July 23, 2010

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're a S'mores Family!

Sean is an Eagle Scout and I was a Girl Scout, so you know we've had S'mores!

If you haven't tried this delicious treat, it's easy to make. You need Honey Maid graham crackers, Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows, and Hersey's milk chocolate bars.

Step One: Toast your marshmallow. Everyone has their favorite technique for toasting marshmallows! There's:

Speedy - you know the one who can't wait and just sticks it in the fire and let's it burn.

Purist - this marshmallow fan loves them in their "pure" form, so they just barely pass it over the fire.

L'artiste - The Artist is the perfectionist that holds the marshmallow over the coals in just the perfect position to lightly toast (never burn!) the outside of the marshmallow.
Which one are you?

Step Two: Put chocolate squares on graham cracker, to make the bottom of the s'more.
Step Three: Take another graham cracker, and sandwich the marshmallow between and pull it off the stick/skewer.
Step Four: Enjoy!!!
At the Kraft website, you can enter S'Mores contests, get new recipes, and find more ideas for family fun!

When is your family’s favorite time to enjoy S’mores:
A. During a Backyard Campout
B. Inside on a Rainy Day
C. After School
D. During a Backyard Barbeque
E. Just Because

We are a combination of (A), (D), And (E). Sean has an outdoor fireplace out on our deck and he and Rosie love to go out and make s'mores - Just Because.

This post is sponsored by Mom's Bloggers Club, Win an Ultimate S'mores Prize Pack.

Blogmania Twitter Party and Blogger Contest

Blogmania bloggers are all about building relationships – between our blogs, our cherished readers, the online community and business owners. We value each other’s opinion as we all are endeavoring to make the best choices for our home life. So it seemed natural to partner up with The Lane Real Estate Team and Breebee’s blog to bring you our first ever twitter party.

The The Lane Real Estate Team is all about building relationships through communities – specializing in Kennewick Homes for Sale. And Bree is a blogger – and a mom – trying to think outside of the box and help build community ties in NW Columbus OH via her Macaroni Kid event website! Our other twitter party sponsors also offer items to help strengthen and maintain relationships – from stationary to hand stamped sentiments.

Our Party Theme:

“Building toward Blogmania with

The Lane Real Estate Team”

Info on the Twitter Party:

9:30-10:30pm EST, Sunday, August 22nd we will party!

There is a custom tweet grid and a linky for early RSVP. RSVP’ing early also enters you into special drawings. You do not have to RSVP to tweet and win but the ‘extra’ will not be available.

If you've never been to a Twitter Party, learn all about them at Twitter 101!

RSVP at BreeBee’s

Special Contest, Blog Blast, for Bloggers!

If you post this announcement on your blog(s) between now and the twitter party you will be entered to win $100 cash. If we reach 500 blogs, there will be two additional $50 drawings, totaling 3 winners! You can email me at KellysLuckyYou at yahoo dot com,, or for the HTML code for the post, or feel free to copy and paste! Once you post, add your link to the contest linky at BreeBee's.

This post is my entry in the Blog Blast Contest. The wording for the post was given to me by the Blogmania promotional team, however I agree with all opinions in the post.

Blogmania Update - Start Extra Entries!

The second Blogmania is coming, September 15 and 16!! In eight weeks, the fun begins again!! If you missed the last one, Blogmania is a huge blog giveaway event. It's only two days long - two days to enter as many giveaways as you can. A hundred blogs will be participating, including Kelly's Lucky You, and every blog will offer at least $100 in prizes. Here's just a preview of some of the prizes that you'll be able to win here!

Each of the Etsy shops will have a different Blogmania Secret Word noted in their shop's home page announcement each week up until the event. Visit the shop to find the secret word and email it to me for an extra entry in the contest!! Make sure you put "BLOGMANIA EXTRA ENTRY" in your subject line for the entry to be counted.
Any purchase from the shops will also give you TEN extra entries. Just email me, telling me what you bought, again with"BLOGMANIA EXTRA ENTRY" in the subject line.

Oh, la, la! Isn't this a fantastic bracelet from ValleGirl Designs? The inscription says, "la chance sourit aux audacieux" or "luck smiles at the bold". First Stacey, of ValleGirl Designs, burned in the lettering then painted the outside of the bangle a greenish yellow and the inside hot pink. Lastly, she sprayed with several coats of spray acrylic gloss varnish for shine and durability. Oh, la la!! Vive la France!! Et la chance!! Bracelet measures 2.5" inner diameter and .75" wide. Retail Value: $22 Stacey has jewelry, scarves, and more - take a peek at her Etsy shop, ValleGirl Designs!

"In Clover Earrings" These look like lucky charms to me! Reese Rose describes them like this,
"You'll be in the green with these pretty little clover earrings! Wear them and be lucky on St. Patrick's Day - or any day you need a little extra luck. 1 inch kelly green clovers on 6mm surgical steel earring posts." Retail Value: $17 Visit the Reese Rose Etsy shop and see her earrings, hair clips and bracelets!
A Modern Philosophy makes these fantastic bracelets and is giving one away to a Blogmania winner. "This perfect lucky bracelet can be worn on its own or stacked. It includes 7 vermeil nugget beads secured onto white waxed linen with a gold dipped round bead closure.
-Bead closure
-Vermeil nugget beads measure approximately 2.5mm
-Size: 7.5" (fits most wrists; please let them know if you need a different size.)

Valued at $14.50 ** Waxed linen and water are not the best of friends... this bracelet is not intended to get wet. It will keep its color and strength best if kept dry. However, we believe that when bracelets break, a wish has been granted... and it's time to go shopping for a new one!"

I love hand stamped items, and this is such a great keychain!! It's the prize from Down2Earth Jewelry. "A hand hammered and hand stamped penny KEYCHAIN ~ LIVE ~ LAUGH ~ LOVE. ON A HEART SHAPED SILVERTONE SPLITRING. COMES GIFT BOXED! Retail Value: $10.99"

Stinker and Spike will send one lucky reader a bracelet like the one shown above. "This bracelet is a hand stamped penny strung on your choice of a beige hemp or brown waxed cotton cord. A name/word will be hand stamped upon the disc. Then it will be oxidized to bring out the stamping impressions, polished to a shine, and sealed with an acrylic-nylon glaze. The bracelet cord has an adjustable sliding knot so the length can be adjusted to fit all sizes." Retail Value: $9 For more hand-stamped jewelry, and craft keepsakes, please visit Stinker and Spike.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Facebook Like-You-Back - July 21, 2010

Kelly's Lucky You
Welcome to Facebook Like-You-Back (the meme formerly known as Fan-You-Back) hosted by Kelly’s Lucky You, Coupon Mommy of 3and Simply Stacie!

Are you looking for new Facebook pages to follow and new friends who like your page? Then join us!

1. Add your Facebook page to the MckLinky (you only have to add it to one and it will appear on all).

2. Click on the Facebook link for the three hostesses and “like” them on Facebook. Leave a comment on their wall and they will like-you-back.

3. Like as many more Facebook pages as you want, leaving comments with links so they’ll know where to like-you-back.

Want to help spread the word and add this MckLinky to your blog? Write your own post telling your readers about FLYB. Below the linky box, you’ll see “Want to be a part of this Blog Hop? Click here for instructions and code….” You can also find the code for the Facebook Like-You-Back Button on the sidebar at the right.

***Our Facebook Page of the Week is The Life of Rylie...and Bryce Too!! She takes the #4 spot.***

Want to be our ”Facebook Page Of The Week”? Under the profile picture on a Facebook page, you’ll see “Suggest to Friends”. Please suggest to your friends that they “like” the Facebook Page of the Week, The Life of Rylie...and Bryce Too! Leave a comment below, telling us that you suggested to friends and we will enter you in a drawing for the Facebook Page Of The Week next week. Next week, we will ask everyone to suggest to friends that they follow the Facebook Page of the Week. It could be you!

Thank you for participating and let’s have fun!

By the way, we’d love to have you stop by our blogs too – here’s where we are:

Kelly’s Lucky You
Coupon Mommy of 3
Simply Stacie

Please link up directly to your Facebook page only. All other links will be deleted.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten Tips for a Healthy, Safe, Successful School Year

It's Back to School Time, Are You Ready?

Tip #1: Make sure your child gets enough rest.

If you're like us, bedtimes have gotten pretty, um, should we say flexible? Now that school is right around the corner, it's time to start a routine of regular bedtimes with the proper amount of sleep for your child's age group. For Rosie, that's ten hours. Figure out when your child needs to leave the house, how long it takes to get ready, and when they need to get up, then add 1/2 hour for chaos ;)

Tip #2: Feed your child a nutritious breakfast before they leave for school.

Enough said? Everyone knows how important a full stomach and healthy food is to a child's development and learning abilities.

Tip #3: Good hygiene is important to the health of your child.

Brushing teeth, hair and washing hands and faces is not only going to make your child more pleasant to be around, but it also affects their health.

Tip #4: Make a healthy lunch/snack the night before.

It helps to alleviate some of the morning chaos if you try to do this the night before.

Tip #5: Set up a "good-to-go" station.

If you set up a station near the door for things like backpacks, shoes, coats (shudder, it's going to be cold again one of these days), it makes things simpler in the morning. Try to eliminate frantic searches for things you need to take with you. A cork board in this area is also handy to pin a list of things to take or permissions slips etc.

Tip #6: Transportation Arrangements

Make sure that your arrangements are made to get your child to school and home - especially considering any after school activities or appointments for other family members.

Tip #7: Visit your family doctor for a check up.

This is a good time to get that medical check-up and have the required forms completed.

Tip #8: Visit the dentist.

If you coordinate dental visits to back-to-school, it's easier to remember and you won't be asking, "now when did we go to the dentist?"

Tip #9: Visit the eye doctor.

Did you know twenty-five percent of kids struggle with vision problems that impact learning. Eighty percent of everything a child learns in his first 12 years comes through his eyes. Those two facts have convinced me to make an appointment!

Tip #10: Play safety.

If your child is playing in any sports or games on the playground, make sure they have the necessary equipment for safe play. If your child does need corrective lenses, make sure those glasses are safe, impact-resistant lenses made of polycarbonate. Have you ever heard of Airwear? They make lighter, stronger and safer lenses for children, those who like to play sports and those who push their lenses to the limit.


"Airwear is having an essay contest at! Airwear and my fellow TwitterMom, Beth Aldrich, are sponsoring an essay contest for consumers, encouraging parents and care-givers to share how they plan to help their kids live a healthy, safe and successful school year. Families can submit their thoughts by visiting One grand prize winner will be awarded $1,000, while 10 first prize winners will receive vouchers for Airwear lenses valued up to $400."

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Airwear blogging program, making me eligible to get a $25 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, visit

Monday, July 19, 2010

Church Festival Fun

Get your motor runnin' ...
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Like a true nature's child ... We were born, born to be wild

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie Review - The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Jay Baruchel is lovable in his role in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He's just a geeky college student who know much more about physics than girls. But I jump ahead. When he was ten years old, a wind-blown note from a girl leads him into a strange shop where he finds Nicholas Cage's character, Balthazar. Balthazar has been searching for decades to find Merlin's heir-to-sorcery. You guessed it! None other than our cute little nerd, David Stutler. The camera has shown us very clearly that the 10 yr old's name "David" is embroidered on his backpack. When Balthazar calls him David, David replies, "How did you know my name?" Balthazar tells him and David proceeds to act like a dog chasing it's tail and he spins around trying to read his backpack. This is typical of the humor in the movie. Yes, it's pretty simple. Yes, it's a little corny. But yes, it's also pretty funny.
There are good moments and there are some pretty awful moments. One of the good moments is an homage to Mickey Mouse, or as I call him (like Pete does), Mickey, the Mouse and Fantasia. One of the bad moments? At one point a HUGE bronze bull comes to life. HUGE. Cage hides behind a car. A car? This is a HUGE bull. Then the bull gets his horn stuck on a Volkswagen Bug Car. It was just silly. At another point, Cage is standing on a ledge and tells David about how important it is to value every moment you spend with loved ones and with supreme drama, as in draaaaaama, he falls backwards off the building. It was just silly.
I thought the good moments outweighed the bad and there were some tween-age boys behind me that said, "Awesome" over and over through out the film. Two women leaving the theater at the same time I did were humming the song from Fantasia and told me that the movie was "fantastic!". I'm not quite as enthusiastic. If you have tween-agers, I think they will love it, go to the theater. If you don't have kids who would enjoy it, my recommendation would be to wait for the DVD. It was good, but for adults, Inception, was much better.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shape-Ups National Sale Event

Standard advice for people traveling on a vacation with a ton of walking: Don't wear new shoes, don't wear shoes with an unusual style. With my typical disregard for common sense, I took a new pair of the Skechers Shape-Ups to Disney World. I love them!!! I wore those shoes for two weeks, as I walked all over the Magical Kingdom, Epcot, and and Animal Kingdom, (I know, I know, I'm ridiculously lucky to spend two weeks at Disney World but that's another story for another time.)

My standard philosophy is that I never pay full price for anything, but have you noticed, Shape-Ups were never on sale! They were one of those products listed in the fine print of coupons, "this discount cannot be applied to the following products: Waterford, Shape-Ups...." So I kept watching those shoes.... When I won a gift card to Dick's Sporting Good, I ran, in my old slopping shoes, hehehe, to get those Shape-Ups!

They do improve my posture and stretch my muscles. I love how they made my legs and lower back feel. Since we have such hot weather here, I've switched to flip flops, but when it's cooler, I'll be back to my Shape-Ups. It does take a few days to get used to the height of the sole and the pitch that puts you back on your heels instead of the ball of your foot. After wearing the Shape-Ups, my other walking shoes feel very flat and don't cushion like the Shape-Ups did.

I wish I had a pair to give away - but what I do have is news of a sale!!!
Skechers is having a National Sales Event!!! Look for a store near you - these are great shoes, and most likely won't be at this price again in the near future.

The "Old Spice Guy" says Goodbye?

Have you seen the YouTube videos of the Old Spice guy? One of the latest viral ad campaigns is from none other than Old Spice. No longer your Grandpa's after shave, Old Spice is getting millions of hits on their ads consisting of a very hot guy in a towel answering fans twitter questions in his YouTube videos. People are tweeting him asking for videos responding to all sorts of burning questions, "From how many teeth does a shark have?" to "Would you propose to my girlfriend for me?".

Who is this guy? His name is Isaiah Mustafa and he's a former NFL football player turned actor. One hot AND funny guy - an unbeatable combination. He even tells his fans who ask about his relationship status, he has a girlfriend and if he doesn't make that clear? "She will kill me, she will be after me, high heels in hand," he says in mock terror, adding a good-natured chuckle. "Let that be known, I have a girlfriend!" That makes him even more attractive, somehow, doesn't it?

Some of the videos -

When the Chicago Blackhawks asked him what he would do with the Stanley Cup if he had it for a day? Old Spice and the Chicago Blackhawks

My favorite - his daughter Hayley, tweeted, "why do you look so much like my Dad?" Old Spice and Hayley Mustafa

Another fave - proposal to tweeter's girlfriend Old Spice Guy Proposes for @Jsbeals

and.... here's his farewell video Old Spice Guy's Goodbye

Baskin-Robbins to Retire VANILLA ?????

Could it be true? Baskin-Robbins is retiring............ VANILLA???????

Here's the press release from their website:

, Mass. (July 15, 2010) – Churning 65 never tasted so good! To kick off the ice cream icon’s 65th birthday, Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest ice cream chain, is announcing the retirement of five signature flavors to its world famous “Deep Freeze” to make room for even more innovative flavors in the brand’s already extensive flavor repertoire.
Today, at Baskin-Robbins corporate headquarters, five classic flavors will be heralded and officially retired as thousands of employees cheer them on as they head to the “Deep Freeze.” The five retiring flavors include:
  • French Vanilla (1945), one of the first flavors launched by Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin, a classic rich vanilla ice cream made with egg yolks.
  • Caramel Praline Cheesecake (1970), vanilla cheesecake ice cream swirled with a caramel ribbon and pralined pecans.
  • Campfire S’mores (1975), milk chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow ribbon and crunchy graham cracker bits.
  • Apple Pie a La Mode (1976), vanilla ice cream with real apple, crunchy pie crust and a caramel cinnamon crème ribbon.
  • Superfudge Truffle (2007), decadent chocolate fudge ice cream with chunks of chocolate ganache and toffee truffle pieces."

Free-bee - Tooth Fairy Photo

This is such a CUTE idea!!!

Catch a Character
digitally adds the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and more to your photos.

Right now they are offering their Tooth Fairy photo free (e-copy only), when you use the code Fairy-Proof. To find out about this, and other deals follow @CatchACharacter on Twitter.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Review - Inception

Cool. That was cool.

That's what I said as I left the theater after watching the movie, Inception. Cool.

Halfway through the movie, I started writing the review in my head and it was not good. I was frustrated - it felt like they were changing the "rules" in the middle of the game, I was losing track of what was going on and who was who. It was like watching a basketball game but all the players looked the same and wore the same uniforms. Who wants to watch a movie or a game when you can't tell the "good guys" from the "bad guys"? But eventually, all things were explained and cleared up and I ended up saying, WOW.

The main character is Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He "shares" dreams and invades peoples minds to steal their secrets. Corporations hire him to find out information they can't otherwise access. It's called, extraction. But now, Cob has been contacted by someone who wants him to try "inception", putting an idea INTO someone's mind, not take it out. And he dangles the thing Cobb wants most in the world - it's too irresistible and Cobb takes the bait.
Ellen Page also stars in this movie as one of the people Cobb chooses for his team. She is one of my favorites, I loved her performance in Whip It.

I liked this movie very much. Sometimes movies are good because of the story, sometimes because of the actors. The credit for this one, in my opinion, goes to the director, Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight). The special effects, the way the movie is filmed, edited, and scored, all makes for a visual experience that is best in a theater. I think this will be in my top 5 for the year.
One caveat, if you are frustrated in movies when you don't know what exactly is going on, this is not the movie for you. My parents are like that - they like to hear every word and don't like uncertainty, flashbacks, dream vs reality, etc. I am not recommending this to them.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Oh, one hint, there are items called "totems" in the movie, play close attention when they are described, it will help you distinguish between dreams and reality.

(Coming tomorrow, a review of Sorcerer's Apprentice. Preview, I liked that too. For kids? Definitely Sorcerer's Apprentice. For adults? Inception.)

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Other Deals - Michael's, Scrubbing Bubbles and Entertainment Books

Michael's is having their Sizzlin' Summer Sale this Sunday, July 18th, from 4pm to 8pm in my local area (I'm not sure if it's the same all over the country. To find the values and deals in your area, go to and click on Weekly Ad.

I love Scrubbing Bubbles and always use it to clean my bathroom. Here's $1 off any Scrubbing Bubbles product coupon and more Scrubbing Bubbles coupons. (thank you That Went Well!) offers the 2010 Entertainment Book for the discounted price of $5 with free shipping when you buy 2. I just ordered mine - $10 for 2 books, shipped!

Coupon - McDonald's New Smoothies

McDonalds is offering $1 off a Smoothie or Frappe with this coupon (thank you Erin at Coupon Cravings)! Rosie tried one of the new Strawberry Banana Smoothies at McDonald's yesterday, and she loved it. They are made with real fruit and low-fat yogurt. I looked up the nutritional information and the Sugars seemed high at 44 grams, but I'm not familiar with smoothies. Does anyone know if that's pretty normal? She would usually get the chocolate milk which is 25 grams.
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