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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dreaming about a new blog design?

Thinking about a blog makeover? Is your blog design looking drab and *shudder* old ?

Build A Beautiful Blog Week is only three weeks away!!

It's already generating so much excitement! We can't wait to share with you the articles, giveaways, tutorials.

Here's some of the articles coming your way:
"How to Monetize Your Blog"
"Networking 101: Blog Features".

Confused about the terminology of blog design? Madeline Mele, of The Shabby Vanity, has developed this handy tool:

We have 35 designers participating in the event, with fantastic giveaways, many offering a full makeover!

These are some of the participating designers:
Danny at Twispired BlogDesign, is a 31 year old scientist who finds her creative outlet in blog design.

Sprinkles on Top, is a graphic design studio that showcases the creative inspiration of Amber Archer. Sprinkles On Top features vintage-inspired, feminine and eclectic graphics featured on over 250 websites, blogs and publications around the world.

April, of April Showers Blog Design, offers this advice if you are thinking about a blog makeover, "Know what you want. You need to decide what you like and why you like it. After that it's a piece of cake."

Great advice!

Start dreaming of YOUR
beautiful blog,
Build A Beautiful Blog Week is only three weeks away!


  1. I can't wait, either! I'm new to this blogging thing and need help, BADLY!!


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