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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free-bees from Amazon MP3, Corner Bakery, and Pureology

Your hair will look beautiful as you listen to Alice in Wonderland and eat your panini! All for free!

The movie Alice In Wonderland opens on Thursday. It looks very intriguing. Not sure it's good for four year old Rosie, but I love Johnny Dep. It's showing in 3D and IMAX. Have you seen a 3D IMAX movie? Which one? Did you like it? Sean and I saw Avatar in 3D Imax and it was incredible. I jumped back in my seat a few times during the show.
So where's the freebie? Cmon Kel, get to the point!

Okay, okay, MP3 Downloads is giving us Alice's Theme from the Alice In Wonderland movie..... FREE! Go here to download it FREE! Did I mention that it's FREE?

Do you have a Corner Bakery, well, around the corner? We have them in Chicago and their food is excellent.

Corner Bakery is giving the first 15,000 fans to sign up at their facebook page, a free breakfast Panini. Go here ; enter your info; and click on "Press The Panini". Cute, huh? Oh and did I mention FREE Panini?

Choose from two samples - Pureology SuperSmooth Relaxing Serum or Relaxing Cream. Click here to get yours!


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