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Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Most Annoying Facebook Applications (and how to get rid of them)

Are you annoyed by your friends fertilizer and mafia stories cluttering up your News Feed? You can "Hide" all the game posts (or any other application)!!! Mouse over any game post on the right side in line with the posters name. "Hide" will appear. Click and it will give you the option to hide the person or hide the game. Click on Hide Game and no more livestock reports - yippppeeeeeee!

Without further ado.....

5. Fifth Most Annoying Facebook Application - Astrology

I have sometimes been accused of thinking that "It's All About Me" but c'mon, sometimes it is! Why would I care about someone else's horoscope?

4. Fourth? Bejeweled Blitz
I love this game. I am completely addicted. A day without Bejeweled Blitz is a day without sparkle! But, this time it isn't even "all about me". Not only do I not want to see everyone else's scores, I don't even want to bother every else with mine. Or for my mother-in-law to see how much time I spend playing......

3. Message From GodJust scary! Somehow I feel that if God does decide to send a message? Ummm, not on Facebook!

2. What came in second? The countdown continues...

It makes me feel like I'm living in a TGI Fridays and I can't get out!


"Howdy Ya'll! Come on down to the Farm today and play with your friends. We got plenty of land for everyone. Come and see what everyone is hootin' and hollerin' about." 'Nuff said!

Mouse over any Farmville post on the right side (in line with your friends name). "Hide" will appear. Click and it will give you the option to hide the person or hide the game. Click on "Hide Farmville". Ahhhh, enjoy the silence of your new-found city life.


  1. Hey you forgot Yoville, Cafeworld, the hug application, the pillow fights, and Mafia Wars. I get so mad when people fill my facebook page with that junk. I am like, NO I don't want to be on your team. NO I don't want a hug. LOL!


  2. Aww, Kelly, ur kill'n me... we rural gals like that Farmville ;-)

    Now Mafia Wars, on the other hand... lol


  3. wow, I didn't know you could do that. Neat! Oh, and sorry, but I am guilty of being addicted to farmville. Not only that, but of flaunting my lack of self control all over the place.:)

  4. You are spot on with this list! I also hate getting random gifts put on my page. Clutter. And it's annoying.


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