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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's at the movies? Alice In Wonderland

I just wrote my first guest post - thank you to Traci at "I'd Let My Kids See That" for publishing my review of Alice In Wonderland. Traci loves "... when a kid's movie is enjoyable to the adults in the room ("Up", anyone?). And because of that I hate when age-inappropriate content pops up (I'm looking at you, "Shrek"!)." She reviews current and DVD movies - quality, kid perspective and "warns you of any unpleasant surprises."

Have you seen, "Alice In Wonderland"? Read my review and let me know if you agree!

Going to the movies this weekend? Check out my review of How To Train Your Dragon before you go. Hint, hint.


  1. im dying to see it! off to read your review now!

  2. Your review was great! I love the Alice story and Tim Burton, so this movie was made for me. :) The only thing you didn't mention was that it is in 3D. I was skeptical about watching a whole movie through colored glasses and I also get vertigo watching digital movements like that, but I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is so much better than it was in the 80s. I am actually looking forward to seeing something else in 3D now.

  3. I loved Alice in Wonderland. My hubby and I saw it and 3D and we thought it was great. I think Tim Burton did an awesome job and I really liked how he did up the plot. I wouldn't let me kids see it who are 6 and under but for sure when they are older it will be in our DVD library. :)

  4. She did such a great job! She was my first guest poster and she can post for me ANYDAY!Thanks again Kelly! You rock!!!


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