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Monday, April 26, 2010

What Does A Secure Woman Look Like?

Saturday I attended a simulcast of a session with Beth Moore entitled, So Long, Insecurity. Then this morning, I picked up my Grace for the Moment and today's message was Character Creates Courage. They were both saying the same thing in two different ways.

What makes us feel insecure? Have you had those days when you feel like everyone is looking at your hair and thinking, "does that woman own a mirror?" Or have you wanted to stay home, rather than go to a gathering because you don't have the right outfit? Have you wanted to stop something that is going on that you know is wrong but stay silent rather than speak out?

While I listened to Beth Moore, I started to analyze - what is insecurity - and I came up with a definition that it is fear. I didn't straighten out in my mind fear of what but the word, fear, stuck with me as a synonym for insecurity. So when I picked up Max Lucado's, Grace for the Moment, and the headline was "Character Creates Courage", a light bulb went off in my brain. Fear - Courage. Courage - Fear. Opposites. (Yes, Rosie is 4 and we play opposites a lot)

Mr. Lucado used a Psalms quotation: All you who put your hope in the Lord be strong and brave. Now, dear reader, if you are a Christian, you will find resonance in this post. But, if Bible study is not your thing, please keep reading anyway. This is about finding confidence and courage.

Confidence - knowing that it doesn't matter if our hair and clothes are perfect...
Courage - knowing that we can face our fear of new people, new circumstances...
Security - knowing we are safe and loved.

Security and courage don't come from outside things. It doesn't matter if we have the latest or greatest car, the latest or greatest designer shoes. Security and courage come from knowing we are loved. Loved by God. Loved by our family. Loved by our friends.

Find the courage to do the right thing and insecurity vanishes. Then we have the confidence to stand tall, to walk into any room. Then we have the courage to be proud of who we are.

What does a secure woman look like? Hopefully, you can answer, "me".


  1. Unfortunatly, I am not a confident nor coragous woman. I have far to many insecurities. But I am working on them! This post made me think a lot about them. You can only overcome your insecurities when you're ready to face them and turn them into obstacles into the next step of your life.

  2. Hi Ashley, thanks for commenting and letting me know this post made you think... it was an unusual post for KLY but kind of wrote itself this morning.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post, very interesting..
    A Male friend of mine once told me, Walk into a room, like you own it ~ I have remembered that advice, it makes me smile, and walk into a room with confidence. :)


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