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Friday, April 9, 2010

Free-bee 8 x 10 Print at Walgreen's

Cost of prints:2.99
BIG8X10: -2.99

Subtotal: 0.00

Sales Tax*: 0.00

Pay in store with pickup Total: 0.00

Don't you love to see that total? $0.00 !!!

Walgreen's Photo has a free 8 x 10 as their deal of the day today. Upload a picture, click on "prints". Select the size 8x10 and checkout. Use the coupon code BIG8x10 and you'll get a $2.99 credit. Using in store pickup, the final total is.... FREE.

I didn't have time to carefully go through my pictures, but I had this collage from last time there was a free enlargement offer. It will make a great gift for one of Rosie's aunts.

The offer is only good for 4/9.

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