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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stay Connected With DisneySMMoms

Do you want to stay connected with all the bloggers you met at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration? Read others stories?

Enter your blog and twitter info in the MckLinky below and follow your friends!


  1. Hi, Kelly! How can I get involved with Disney social media moms? We just launched this month, a blog dedicated to helping homeschoolers expand their classrooms and find out how Disney IS school. Can I participate in the MckLinky even if I didn't attend? I'd love to hook up with other Disney bloggers! Thanks!

  2. Hi Jodi! Of course you can participate in the MckLinky and thank you for following.
    5 Minutes for Mom, one of the co-hosts of DisneySMMoms has an email list to notify bloggers of future events. You can read about it here.

    After I started this MckLinky, I also saw their official facebook and MckLinky, you may want to check that out too. I'm headed over to your site - thanks for the comment.


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