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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Free-bee Sample of Tide

If you haven't gotten your quarterly sample from Proctor and Gamble yet, they are offering a free sample of Tide with Fabreeze Freshness.

I've been registered at P & G Brand Sampler for over a year now and can recommend it as a source of freebies. I just requested my sample today.

(Thank you, Savvy Mom Finds)


  1. Kelly, I LOVE Tide. Thanks for posting this. -Pippi

  2. Thanks for the laptop rec and for following! Returning the favor! :)

  3. thanks for this info!! I love free samples:) thanks for stopping by and for following, I'm following you right back!

  4. Thanks for following me I am following you right back! I love the info - I am always up for free samples!

  5. thanks for the update!!! im following you....follow me!

    happy monday

  6. I love Tide ..thnks for the update and am following you from Friday follow .. Do drop in and check out my blog too ..
    Cheers :)


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