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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Help? - New Vehicle Shopping - I'm Lost!

Our family is shopping for a new vehicle.

Well, Sean is shopping and I'm not letting him buy a new vehicle without my input!!! But, that's for another post on marriage!

I haven't paid any attention, at all, to vehicle choices.

My philosophy is that you can't want what you don't know about. I call it the "stay out of Best Buy" theory. I am very, very lost and confused.

Dear Readers, would you help me?

We are a family of 3 - Rosie is 4 and still in a car seat - but we often drive with my parents, so we need comfortable seating for at least 4 adults and one child.

We are pretty frugal. We look for value. We want a safe, comfortable ride. It doesn't have to be a luxury brand, but we don't want to go extreme economy either.

What are the benefits / drawbacks to an SUV versus a Minivan?

What options are can't-live-without for you?

I don't even know the questions to ask......any advice you can share?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Following you from MBC!!!

    I love your blog, its so gorgeous and with good information i'll definitely need.

    You can also follow me at

  2. I would go with a SUV, but that's just me.

    Following you back! Nice to meet you :-)

  3. I'm partial to minivans...I guess you're going to get mixed reviews! ;o)

  4. I have never had an SUV just a minivan. I love them. Raising 5 kids and I have only owned two in the past 12 years. but it is about time for a new one soon! thanks for stopping by

  5. Thank yo uso much for teh follow, I am following you.

    We have a car now, but are thinking of a minivan. My parents had a minivan and they always worked for us well

  6. We recently bought a GMC Terrain. We love it!

  7. I've had a minivan since my second son was born (I also have a stepson so we'd outgrown my suv) as there wasn't third row seeing then or at least not comfy third row in SUV's. I think the drawback for me going back to an SUV would only be gas mileage and I haven't honestly looked to see how much different it it. I have a friend who has a trailblazer with third row that I really like and will be looking into more when we can buy again.

  8. I'm following back from last week's Friday Follow, I'm just late. I'd go for a mini-van over an SUV. The SUV's cost so much more than a mini van for the same size, so I think a mini van is a better value.


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